Got Questions? We got Answers Here!

Most Common Questions

Q. Do these come with or do you sell ants?

A. No. We do not include or sell ants.

Q. Are these Ant Farms like at the pet or Hobby Store?

A. While these are sometimes called ant farms there is a large difference. Most Ant Farms offer a "mail option" for ants to purchase. These are usually Harvester Worker Ants that will die off fairly quickly and lack the "colony" aspect due to not having a Queen. While our units can also house these ants they are more designed for a colony that is started from a single Queen Ant. Also our nesting areas are completely pre-formed and ready for the ants to make their home.

Q. Where can I order a Queen Ant?

A. It is illegal to ship a Queen Ant across State lines in the USA. There are two options to acquire one. You can catch one around your yard or community during the right time of year based on the type of ant or you can locate an ant farmer within your state and purchase a ready to go colony. There is a project that was started from the great people over at Ants Canada called the GAN Project (Global Ant Nursery). They have a directory listed by country and state/province. I will include some links at the bottom of the page for more help on both of these options.

Q. How long will it take to ship out once I place an order?

A. Currently we are requiring up to 7 days depending on our current workload. 

Q. Once I receive my Order how will I know how to set it up?

A. All our formicariums and setups include full instructions. If you click on the "Formicarium Setup" tab at the top of the page there are some step by step directions on setting up and decorating your ants new home.


Shipping & Receiving:

Q. I opened the package and there is damage to the contents. What do I do?
A. Contact us immediately. Do not throw anything away.
Q. I received my package and there is damage to the outside box. What should I do?
A. Contact us immediately. If you have not opened it yet, take some pictures of  the damage then open and see if everything is okay. If there is any damage or missing contents let us know what they are.
Q. Do you ship Internationally?
A. Only to Canada. We dabbled in this a little bit and with shipping cost sometimes doubling the cost of the purchase it didn't seem to make sense.
Q. Why do you only offer Priority Shipping?
A. Priority Mail offers Insured 1-3 day shipping everywhere in the US for the most reasonable rates by quite a margin based on our research. Most of our orders ship in large sized boxes as we use a lot of packing material for protection. 

Helpful Links

www.formiculture.com - A GREAT forum full of information on how and where to collect your queen ants, full beginner section for asking questions and even a marketplace to help locate people in your area that are selling queens.

www.antscanada/queen-ants-for-sale/ - The Global Ant Nursery (GAN) where you can check and see if any Ant Farmers are selling colonies with Queens in your state/province, country etc.