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We are excited to be well into our 2nd year of offering these formicariums and look forward to creating more in the future!

PLEASE NOTE: With our current work load all orders are taking up to 7 Days prior to shipping

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You may have seen our designs on other platforms like Etsy and Ebay where we have been selling these for a while. 

We have decided to branch out onto our own website where we can offer better prices due to no transaction fees.

We will be adding a lot more to the info and help sections as well as How To Videos

All Coming Very Soon!

Lots of Choices

We offer several sizes and styles for different size ants


Ant Living space expands as your colony grows with a simple slide out partition!

Color Option

Our Regular size nest gives you the option of Brown or White

Decoration Kits

Included with Full Kits or as an Add on.